Vintage Lures



We are father and son, best freinds and fishing buddies. My father was born the year of 1938 in Princess Anne, Maryland before moving to Salisbury 6 years later. On his 11th birthday he received a brand new Heddon fishing pole, Shakepeare Reel and two Heddon River Runt lures. One green and yellow (Perch) and the other white with a red head (Red Head). He would walk about five miles to a local spot called Johnson’s Pond. Johnson's was a 100 acre lake located just a few miles south of the Delaware border. It was then and still is today relatively under fished due to its location. On that day he claimed having had one of the best days of fishing in his life. Having caught over thirty largemouth bass in the 2-5lb range. That day was the beginning of an everlasting love for the sport of bass fishing and the great outdoors.

My mother was an avid fisherman as well., getting her start on the rivers and streams of California. She was one of the best fly fisherman that you have ever seen, a true natural. Having traveled all over the world, fishing for just about every species of fish known to exist. Their journeys carried them as far as Africa where they fished for giant Walking Catfish, Tiger Fish and giant Perch. To Mexico and Costa Rica fishing Sail Fish and Marlin. Florida fishing Snook, Tarpon, Bone Fish, Permit and other species indigenous to those areas. Together they fished hundreds of Lakes and Rivers across the USA as well as numerous Bays, Tidal Waters and Oceans.

That true love for the sport fishing and the great outdoors they both shared was past down through the our family to me. I got my start fishing at the early age of five. Fishing lakes in California, such as Clear Lake, Lake Berryessa, Calero and Anderson Reservoirs. As avid fisherman you are always searching for that perfect lure to catch your targeted species of fish. Over the years this led us to begin collecting old antique fishing lures. Although we collected many different lures, our collection consisted of primarily Heddon, Creek Chub and Paw Paw. This soon developed into one of our biggest hobbies, increasing as time went on. I now fish tournaments for Largemouth Bass in California, primarily on the Delta and at Clear Lake.

Within this website are many beautiful and extremely difficult to find lures from our collection. We hope that all who visit this website will enjoy them as much as we do.